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  • Daily Wrap Up 29 June 2022

    29 Jun 2022 04:46 PM |

    The major declines posted in US stock markets last night have set the tone for European equities today.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 24 June 2022

    24 Jun 2022 04:42 PM |

    The bulls are in control as stock markets in Europe and the US are showing strong gains.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 21 June 2022

    21 Jun 2022 04:43 PM |

    Once again, the mood on Wall Street is setting the tone for Europe as the impressive rebound in US stocks are helping equities on this side of the Atlantic.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 20 June 2022

    20 Jun 2022 04:37 PM |

    Volatility is low in the markets as the US marks Juneteenth. The New York Stock Exchange remains closed, and in turn that has prompted traders in other parts of the world to wait on the side-lines.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 17 June 2022

    17 Jun 2022 04:35 PM |

    Volatility in equity markets has faded following the flurry of central bank meetings this week.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 16 June 2022

    16 Jun 2022 04:39 PM |

    It is a bloodbath for stock markets as recession fears have prompted traders to cut and run. In a bid to try and push inflation down, the Federal Reserve lifted interest rates by 0.75% last night – it was the largest hike since 1994 – the drastic move speaks to the severity of the situation.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 15 June 2022

    15 Jun 2022 04:39 PM |

    Stock markets have rebounded from the brutal losses that were witnessed yesterday as government bond yields have cooled a touch.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 07 June 2022

    7 Jun 2022 04:25 PM |

    Fears about highs levels of inflation and the prospect of further interest rate hikes are doing the rounds.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 01 June 2022

    1 Jun 2022 04:31 PM |

    The mood in the markets is a little downbeat as worries about a cost-of-living crisis are still doing the rounds.

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