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  • Daily Wrap Up 04 July 2022

    4 Jul 2022 03:54 PM |

    European equity markets are mostly showing modest gains as bargain hunters entered the fold.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 01 July 2022

    1 Jul 2022 04:41 PM |

    Equity traders are treading lightly today in the wake of the painful losses racked up this week.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 30 June 2022

    30 Jun 2022 04:46 PM |

    Equites markets are enduring severe sell offs as worries about global growth mount.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 29 June 2022

    29 Jun 2022 04:46 PM |

    The major declines posted in US stock markets last night have set the tone for European equities today.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 28 June 2022

    28 Jun 2022 04:31 PM |

    Stock markets in Europe are on track to finish higher as bullish sentiment is doing the rounds.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 27 June 2022

    27 Jun 2022 05:05 PM |

    Last Friday, the S&P 500 rallied over 3% but now things have cooled a little. The slight tick higher in bond yields seems to be applying pressure to stocks.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 24 June 2022

    24 Jun 2022 04:42 PM |

    The bulls are in control as stock markets in Europe and the US are showing strong gains.

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  • Daily Wrap Up 23 June 2022

    23 Jun 2022 04:59 PM |

    European stock markets are suffering as there are fears the continent is going down a gear in terms of growth.

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