• What does the future hold for oil?

    22 Sep 2022 05:17 PM |

    The oil price has seen colossal price swings in the past two and half years. At the lockdowns were introduced in 2020 as a reaction to the pandemic, the oil market tumbled as demand fears accelerated. In February 2020, WTI was trading in the region of $45 and by late April oil futures traded below zero as dealers rushed to exit the market.

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  • Netflix makes mild recovery

    21 Sep 2022 05:47 PM |

    Netflix has seen a dramatic rise and fall in the past two years as the stock accelerated in 2020-2021, but then things took a sharp move lower.

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  • Meta Platforms share price suffers

    20 Sep 2022 11:48 AM |

    Things have gone from bad to worse for the Meta Platforms share price. In July, the company issued a disappointing quarterly update, and the sentiment has remained sour since.

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  • The week ahead: BoE, Fed, and PMI reports

    16 Sep 2022 12:46 PM |

    The markets saw an increase in volatility towards the end of last week as bond yields ticked up, and that indicated the markets are factoring in more large rate hikes from central banks.

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  • Gold is trapped between a rock and hard place

    15 Sep 2022 12:10 PM |

    Gold is arguably the oldest interment tool in the world, and with that it has a long track record of being a safe haven asset, whereby if uncertainty descends upon the markets, funds are ploughed into the metal.

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  • US banks slide despite rate hikes from the Fed

    14 Sep 2022 05:47 PM |

    The US banking sector has been losing ground in 2022 even though the Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates four times since March.

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  • Stripe might hold off on IPO

    13 Sep 2022 05:19 PM |

    Stripe is a payment processing software firm, it covers various aspects of the sector, which includes a point-of-sale service and an operation that manages recurring invoicing, as well as anti-fraud tools.

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  • EUR/USD has rebounded from 20-year low, but will it last?

    12 Sep 2022 06:27 AM |

    Last week, EUR/USD printed a new 20-year low, largely down to a sharp rally in the US dollar.

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