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  • BP ticks up

    9 Aug 2022 06:09 PM |

    BP’s share price recently rallied thanks to the company’s booming second quarter earnings.

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  • Bed Bath & Beyond sees volatility spike

    9 Aug 2022 05:57 PM |

    Bed Bath & Beyond’s share price jumped yesterday as the meme stock craze returned to fold.

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  • Uber’s share price drives higher

    8 Aug 2022 05:42 PM |

    Uber’s share price shot up last week as the company posted better-than-expected second quarter revenue.

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  • The week ahead

    5 Aug 2022 05:25 PM |

    It has been an interesting week and despite a lot of negative news, equity markets enjoyed a positive run.

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  • Wayfair’s share price ticks up ahead of Q2 report

    3 Aug 2022 03:39 PM |

    Wayfair’s share price witnessed a dramatic rise and fall in the past two years as the shutting down of economics their subsequent reopening elevated and then clobbered sentiment.

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  • Glencore in focus ahead of first half figures

    2 Aug 2022 06:59 PM |

    Glencore’s share price is usually influenced by the moves in the underlying commodities market.

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  • Ebay’s share price is in focus ahead of Q2 earnings

    1 Aug 2022 07:09 PM |

    Ebay’s share price has had a difficult time in 2022 as the reopening of economies has encouraged shoppers to return to the high street, and in turn that has taken activity away from the online arena.

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